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The Community of Desire

Selected Works of Criticism (2001-2007)

by John Demetry


From A.I. to American Ideal Foreward by Ben Kessler

On Love and the Hipster Problem Preface by John Demetry


01: Where Dreams Are Born A.I. - Artificial Intelligence

02: Loving Everyone Intimacy

03: Inside Out Mulholland Drive

04: Happy Trails The Adventures of Felix

05: "M" For "Might-Have-Been" Gosford Park

06: God In The Movie Image Werckmeister Harmonies

07: Thanksgiving Jurassic Park III


08: The State We're In Storytelling

09: Believe E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial

10: Kubrick's Olympian Wit 2001: A Space Odyssey

11: Once Is Not Enough Lola

12: Compassion on the Dance Floor Circuit

13: Snowflakes On The Moon CQ

14: Can You See? Minority Report

15: Visionary Lawrence of Arabia

16: Highbrow/Lowbrow The Professor's Daughter (play)

17: The Significance Of Thandie Newton The Truth About Charlie

18: Tale-Chasing Femme Fatale

19: To See With Love Catch Me If You Can

20: fait accompli All or Nothing

21: Pinball Wizard Tommy


22: Horseplay The Weight of Water

23: Slippin' and Slidin' Justified (album)

24: Wake-Up Call Phone Booth

25: The Myth of Pascal Greggory Confusion of Genders

26: Metaphorical Metamorphosis X2: X-Men United

27: The Slow Curve The Lizzie Maguire Movie

28: Pop's Operation: Freedom "Flicker" (song)

29: Awakening To New Dreams Model Shop

30: A Sublime Gesture Together

31: What Brown University Didn't Teach Todd Haynes Gigli

32: Saving Jean-Luc Godard In Praise of Love

33: Shooting the Elephant Elephant

34: Post-Rodney King Romance Intolerable Cruelty

35: P.J. Hogan's Thimbology Peter Pan

36: The Worst KKK Apologia Ever Cold Mountain


37: Racing Past Hegemony with BEAUTY Torque and Toxic

38: Choose Dogma The Passion of the Christ

39: The Least Gnostic Movie Ever Made Son frere

40: Folk Truth Goes Pop The Ladykillers

41: A New Ritual You are the Quarry

42: The Infinite Significance Of The Kiss The Terminal

43: No Borders Hero

44: Vera Icon Vera Drake

45: The Broken Hearts Club: Movies 2004


46: Just Can't Say Goodbye Last Days and "Just Can't Say Goodbye" (song)

47: To BrotherLove Three Dancing Slaves

48: What Would Vermeer Do? Mysterious Skin

49: Breaking Bread With the Movie Club

50: The Sceptic to The Apostles Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe


51: No Limitation Mo Gik: The Promise

52: Chaos Theory vs. Chaos Tamara and "Lightning Strikes Twice" (song)

53: Let Us Now Praise Hot Men London

54: Loop-The-Loop Final Destination 3

55: War of the Word Sorry (single)

56: The Influence of Stars Running Scared

57: Sand In My Hands You Have Killed Me (single), Ask the Dust, She's the Man, and Eight Below

58: ZAM Zap Fascism Scary Movie 4

59: Look Back In Ardor How Green Was My Valley and Gentleman's Agreement

60: Present Tensions World Trade Center

61: Sticky Fingers The Covenant

62: Br'er Gibson's Boner Apocalypto


63: "We're All In This Together" High School Musical

64: Izzy or Isn't He? Jump In!

65: Rhetoric of Love Amazing Grace

Your Arsenal Annotated Selected Bibliography

For more information, please visit The Community of Desire website.



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