Sunday, December 01, 2013

R.I.P. - Paul Walker: The last movie star?

R.I.P. - Paul Walker: The century's greatest--and most beautiful--American actor. Is he the last movie star? From The Community of Desire by John Demetry:
Kramer casts Walker--gifted with bountiful feeling--as Joey. He conveys character sensitivity in delicate details in his three distinct cop characterizations: In The Fast and the Furious, the feeling vibrating through his body blows his cover. In Noel, he reveals the fear at the core of his character's self-destructive insecurities (rising to hetero-male compassion). In Running Scared, he tenderly explains why his son can't go into a strip bar for fear of exposing him to nude women: 'It's always a big deal.' [...] However, Walker is also a genuine star. He has IT. Walker is beautiful--and he uses that beauty expressively. His character's pain is made palpable as spectator desire: a pain that, since it is physically evoked, can be healed.
Always vibrating with feeling and evidencing striking moral vision in his choice of projects, consider this undeniable roll call: Pawn Shop Chronicles; Fast & Furious 6; Vehicle 19; Takers; Eight Below; Running Scared; Noel; The Fast and the Furious. Plus, upcoming: Hours (which economic historian Gaston Diaz praised) and Brick Mansions (written by and produced by Luc Besson!!)


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